Getting started

Ok I'm freaking out a little bit. Committing all sorts of money I don't really have yet but I'm also very excited to take off on this adventure. My bestie told me to 'Do You boo boo' and so I am.  Jumping from the safe little nest I've created to display and sell my art work. And if people in my life don't jump on board, they need to get out of my way. (yay, tough talk when I'm scared). I'm an artist and I'm very sensitive about my creations.

I need to remember to observe people's responses and not take it as rejection of my work but feedback on what people are looking for to display in their homes. I've heard that my colors are too bold to coordinate in their space - so either I shift a bit and I find a different audience for my work. Both and. Lots of grey, overlapping areas in life.

My ultimate goal is to support myself with my art sales. In the meantime I like to eat and be warm so I think I'll keep my day job. It's going to mean less sleep and less going out. More joy and exploration of what I can do. I may need to get a less creative job; sometimes I feel like I'm using up all my creative energy. Right now I like what I'm doing, I like the hours and having weekdays off is fantastic. With a never ending to do list at home, I need to prioritize my art above other tasks. Constant battle right now to create a level of balance in my life.

Welcome to my world. I want my bold colors to bring you joy!