Erica the artist

I've been an artist my whole life - always drawing and coloring, doodling. I was always one of the best artists in my class. Every elective was Art. I had a solo artist show my Senior year of High School, I belonged to the NAHS.  I saw one of my classmates drawing realism - and I remember thinking 'there's no way I can do that and if that is talent, I have none'. So when I it came to college, selecting a major and the 'real world', I decided I really liked to eat, didn't want to be a 'starving artist' and so I chose a career that combines my love of art and geometry - Interior Design. And I gave up on art - I'd draw and doodle but I didn't paint or anything for years.

          All my creative energy went into creating designs and spaces in school and I loved my classes. Problem came when I graduated and started working - it's not as fun and creative as it sounds. You start out at the bottom doing lots and lots and lots of drafting / CAD; hours and hours a day sitting at a computer. And I really wanted to design and create.

 Until I realized that I don’t work in the real world

I play in the imaginary world full of lush, full, passionate colors.  I love color; color is passion and life. The expression of life, love, happiness sings to me in color. Delicious, juicy bold color I just want to dive into. I love painting flowers and natural elements; interpreted in different forms and colors.